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Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

Vehicle Maintenance

Summer is officially here! That means it’s time for exciting activities, like picnics in the park, fishing excursions and even road trips. With all of the fun that summer brings, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the summer heat can cause damage to your new Mazda. You should be enjoying the weather, not worrying about your car, so we’ve made a list of the things to do to get your car ready for the upcoming season.


First things first; remove your snow tires if you haven’t already. They’ll wear out much quicker if they’re driven on dry pavement. Plus, they’re really of no use when there’s no snow on the ground. Also, make sure your tires are filled to the proper pressure. When gas is heated, it expands, and so will the air in your tires after they’re heated up by the summer sun. Do what you can to avoid a blowout on the highway and check your tire pressure. Lastly, driving at the right tire pressure can save you money by increasing your Mazda’s fuel economy. Checking your tires is not only safe, it’s smart.

Wiper Blades

April showers bring May flowers, and summer the likelihood of thunderstorms. If you haven’t replaced your windshield wiper blades in the last year, it’s time. Wiper blades are open to the worst of Mother Nature’s fury, including ultraviolet rays that can harm the rubber. Replacing your wiper blades is a fast and inexpensive fix, so it’s best to swap them out before you’re stuck in a nasty summer storm.

Air Conditioning

Having such a long, dreary winter means not having to use the air conditioning in your car. Over time your air conditioning can gradually leak refrigerant, making your compressor work tougher and ultimately putting extra strain on your engine. If you’re A/C doesn’t feel as cool as it once did, you should schedule a service appointment to get it checked out, before the first heat wave hits.


Pay attention to this next one. Fresh antifreeze in the coolant system is a vital factor in keeping your engine cool during those scorching-hot summer months. Do you remember the last time your coolant was replaced? If not, it’s time to get a system flush and fill. Old coolant can cause premature corrosion in your engine and radiator due to an electric charge it develops over time. Check your coolant and avoid being stuck on the side of the road.

At Eastside Mazda, we’ll get your Mazda in shape for this summer. Or for quick questions about your car, ask a technician. Stop by today! We’re located at 28400 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills, OH 44092. For more information, give us a call at 800-706-3017.

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